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Brandt Natural Beef

A Family Passion

The Brandt family has been in the livestock business since 1945. In the early 1990’s they began to listen to consumer concerns regarding hormones and antibiotics and made a decision to go against the industry standards and raise their animals naturally. Today they are proud to be corn feeding their animals for over 300 days without the use of any antibiotics and have eliminated the use of any growth promoting hormones. They pride themselves on raising their animals using the best and most humane techniques of animal husbandry known today. They have found that by following these time tested old fashioned practices, they produce the most consistently tender and flavorful beef in the country. They hope that you, your family, and friends enjoy their naturally raised and fed beef



    Murray's Chicken     

Murray's fresh, antibiotic-free chicken is a staple in health and eco-conscius kitchens throughtout the country.  Murray's versatile chicken breasts are lean, juicy and 100% natural with no added preservatives or flavor enhancers.


Mosner Lamb

 Lean and tender domestic lamb with its rich, buttery flavor has long been a delicious staple of the American diet. Mosner selects its product from lamb that graze on the pastures of the Great American Plains where its diet has been supplemented with only purely vegetarian feed. We fabricate our lamb daily for the freshest selection of products available for our customers.


Mosner Veal

Healthy, humanely raised veal is demanded more and more by the American consumer whose concern for animal welfare is increasing. Serving the finest food service distributors and retailers for over 80years, Endicott Meats is proud to supply you with Mosner Group Raised Veal to meet that demand.   



Crescent Duckling

Crescent Duck Farm grows only premium Genuine Long Island Ducklings. Crescent Duck Farm was started by Henry Corwin in 1908 in Aquebogue, Long Island, on land that has been in the family since the middle 1600’s. It remains solely a family business worked and operated by his grand and great grandchildren. Crescent Duck Farm’s efforts are designed to produce the highest quality ducklings in the market today. The birds are fed only natural grains without hormones or artificial growth stimulants.